Hi. This is me, myself, I and all those things that fly and take place around my ridiculously tiny universe. This is me most of time. I'm silly. I talk nonsense. I play the fool. I love stormy, windy, sunny Summer days. Or I don't. I'm pretty sure this world would be a piece of shit if music didn't exist; I know it, you know it, he knows it, everybody should know it. I love sunflowers just because I think they're a magnificient metaphor of what life actually is. European and/or independent cinema is better. Boring people get me bored, pessimistic people make me sad and sad people make me pessimistic. Poetry is my favourite drug. I get top marks and I don't know what I want to study. Je suis chaotique et je parle français, mais c’est un sécret. I am a fucking, huge, terrible and messy mess. You all should be warned: the infinity symbol is the only cool thing you are ever going to learn in a Math class. Twelve is my favourite number; if I played basketball, it would be the number on my back. I eat more french fries than you think it's healthy. I've moved to a new house four times (sometimes to another city, sometimes not). I wish I could play the guitar and keep someone in my pockets. And I would be happy if I were four years old. Sometimes I'm me, sometimes I'm who I would like to be, sometimes I'm whoever you want me to be. Sometimes I hate me, sometimes I hate you. I don't know love like I used to because I grew up and discovered that the definition of 'love' is not the surprise they give you with your fucking chocolate egg. I am (like) the wind. Have you ever stopped walking in the middle of a crowd? That's the wind. It's that sensation when you get home, what you feel when you're lying in your bed with you headphones on, the brightness in your eyes when you see that person, the smell of your favourite food. I don't like The Beatles at all. I usually dream of myself suffering from insomnia. I like it when a stranger smiles at me, but I'm in love with paper lanterns. I can't help spending my time dreaming. Seriously, who gives a fuck about reality? Then me neither. I tend to keep my problems to myself because I think they're just mine (and there's absolutely nothing you can do to change this). I hate talking on the phone. I dislike people who give up easily. I collect birds, eyelashes and rocks (as well as old maps or atom bombs, but that's a really long story). I don't want to grow older. I tend to run away when... Well, I tend to run away, that's all. The song you are listening to right now is my favourite one. And I fly. I fly when believe I can fly, just like you and just like everybody else does.

Oh! What's more important about me: I'm not sure of any of the things I've written before typing this line.