hi everybody!
i finally took part in the album cover project :)
one friend of mine, the lovely amanda, is the responsible for this. she started a worldwide and art project called 'the album cover project' that includes illustration, photography, collages and -almost- everything as long as it is visual. what is it about? it's about music. you have to choose the cover of an album you really like and make your own interpretation, no matter how many cakes you have to eat to get it right.
my part of the project, which is the picture at the bottom of the post, is for the album santogold by santogold (also known as santigold). the cover of the album is this one:

i think i did a really open interpretation, just using the idea of the glitter getting out of someone's mouth. also, i must say i didn't take the picture of the girl (i found it in a magazine, some advertising of vanity fair). here you have my part:

i hope you like it.
+more stuff about the album cover project, go here, please!