"it is about racism in america, 'cause a po... is a black man, is working, doing his join thing. it is about greek mithology. it is a bout seas effect, you know, this great task which is never ending and the levels that he gained left to right. it is about the beauty of the world, when the sun comes through and the raindrops shine, you know. it is about photography and film making, the relationship between them. it is about life flowing, you know, this flow of life that passes by and this moment's come and go. yes, it's about all of those things. and for me to say and give you this official answer that is just about that... you know, one of those things would be wrong , you know. and good art is about MANY things, it's not about just one idea or one concept. it's open and it's about many different things and is often more than the artist intended. (...) it's about making people stop and think for a moment and rest and then restart again."