hi there. i am alive despite last year of school being honestly horrible. i have no time and i want to sleep and i'm sick and i've got a constant head ache and i have to study things i don't even care about and i just want it to stop.
but life is life and there are also good news. i'm going to edinburgh from 27th january to 2nd february and i'm really, really looking forward to it! i'll be the happiest person on earth if it snows when i'm there. i have to buy lots of rolls of film. by the way, currently, i'm shooting with a yashica fx-7 super. i want my roll to be finished and developed! i've come out with ideas and i want to see how they finally turn out.

there's nothing else to say, i believe.
oh, well, i'm in love with my spanish teacher. he wears bob dylan t-shirts and told me he saw nirvana live in madrid in 1992. i should marry him.